Guitar Workshop

Our inhouse guitar repair shop will help you with any instrument related question.
Tellef Haugen, our guitar tech, has been setting up and repairing guitars and amps for twenty years. He has done live shows with a number of acts, and has had his workshop set up in several stores and various shared-space collectives over the years. He has now moved in to Velvet Recording.
He will help you with anything you need while you are here, as long as it has strings on or lights that go on and off.

Did your instrument get broken in flight or onstage?
Does your guitar seem to be notoriously out of tune?
Did your favorite Les Paul get a weird arab-like sitar feeling suddenly?
Do you hate the bridge on your otherwise wonderful Jazzmaster?
Is there an ugly, squeeling sound in the highs in your pickups when playing with high gain?

Our shop will take care of it for you.